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Twin Cities Female Firefighter Fitness was created to encourage women to consider a career in firefighting
Police believe former firefighter William Halpern's death is the first of five connected to an Apollo Gym in Hollywood
Fire and police departments across the state are letting citizens know about outage



Learn how our products will benefit your department from a financial standpoint today and in the years to come.
The products we offer were designed by fire fighters and have features required by fire fighters for a safe and
efficient response at a price no other competitor can come close to.

Before you buy...ASK QUESTIONS! Call 1-800-906-9615

  1. Lifetime warranty on tank
  2. LED warning light package (lower amperage draw)
  3. Color & function coded wiring (enhances serviceability)
  4. Stainless steel dump valves (resistant to corrosion)
  5. Structural steel sub-Frame (increases longevity)
  6. Custom in-tank options
  7. Custom controls console
  8. Tubular aluminum pumphouse (resistence to corrosion)
  9. Hale, Waterous or Darley Pumps
  10. Peterbilt - Kenworth - Navistar - Freightliner tanker chassis
  11. 4" tubular steel longitudinal subframe support
  12. Sweep out compartments (promotes cleaning and reduces moisture accumulation)
  13. Custom fabricated bodies
  14. Slip resistant walking surfaces
  15. Double pan flush mount compartment doors (increased durability and equipment mounting options)
  16. Dual Nader pin door latches (damage prevention from shifting equipment)
  17. 100% water availability from side dump valves
  18. Extruded rub rails (protects body and compartments)
  19. Extruded body option (increased durability)
  20. Smooth 1" thick rear tank wall (allows options to be mounted in any location)
  21. APR & Pro-poly tanks
  22. "EZ" load tortable tank storage
  23. Enclosed plumbing (all models)
  24. Roll-Up door option
  25. Aluminum frame drop tank

Stainless Steel Dump Valves

Low mounting of dump valves ensures you don't leave valuable water in the tank
especially during dump operations when the side dumps are utilized.

Concealed wiring

Smooth back allow components to be
installed any place the customer desires.

Low dump valve placement allows
the department to utilize all available water.
Aluminum pump module is lightweight,
easy to maintain and naturally resistent to corrosion.
Custom console & electronics.

Function coded switches.

Radio installation at no cost.
Stainless Steel Dump Valves resist
corrosion and increase the life of the valve.
Flush Mount Compartment Doors.
Aluminum frame drop tank.

"EZ" Load Drop Tank Storage.

Sweep-Out Compartments.

Dual Nader pins on each door.
Freedom Fire Tank
Smooth rear tank wall.
Dump valves at lowest point in tank.

LED level indicators used for high visibility
under all lighting conditions.
This is a photo of one of the low cost competitors poly tank which requires 
mounting blocks where components are installed.

This limits your capabilities for installing components at a later date.

Liquid level gauge not visible under low light conditions.
* The options provided by Freedom Fire Equipment are listed as standard and were chosen based on years of fire apparatus experience in terms of longevity, design and manufacturing. The items as listed by "The Competition" are based on publicized information or previously manufactured units. The "Competition" is not ment to single out any one manufacturer. We encourage you to ask questions in order to obtain the most accurate and beneficial information for your department.

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